Increase and Decrease of Bite in St.John's

bite increase and decrease in st john's

Your bite is how your top and bottom teeth come together. When your top and bottom teeth do not fit together properly, this is called a malocclusion or a bad bite. Different types of bad bites include an overbite, a crossbite, an overjet (when the upper front teeth protrude), and an open bite.

A bad bite can make it difficult to chew some foods and can cause muscle tension, pain, and excessive wearing of the teeth. In many cases, your top or bottom teeth will need to be moved up or down to change the way they fit together.

Your bite can be fixed with an orthodontic procedure. Orthodontics isn’t just for teens - teeth can be moved at any age. In fact, more and more adults are having orthodontic treatment for health and/or aesthetic reasons. Your dentist can evaluate if orthodontic treatment is right for you.

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