Bone Grafting in St. John's

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Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that utilizes transplanted bone from another area of your body to help rebuild or repair damaged bone tissue in the mouth. In order to get an implant and achieve long term success for this treatment, patients must have a sufficient amount of healthy bone tissue to serve as a good foundation for the implant. In some instances, however, the patient may not have enough bone volume either due to teeth being extracted for a long time resulting in bone resorption, or due to anatomic structures like maxillary sinus. In these instances, bone graft substitutes could be utilized to rebuild the volume for implant placement. Depending on the volume, the implant is placed simultaneously or after sufficient healing of the graft to ensure proper integration. Bone grafting creates strong and new bone tissue to help support the dental implant and make sure that is securely held in place.

For more information about dental implants and bone grafting, give us a call at 709 754 4895 or book an appointment with Dr. Chedella at Epic Dental in St. John's. Dr. Chedella can help you find the most appropriate dental implant procedure that fits your needs and condition. We are also accepting new patients!

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