Care and Maintenance of Implants

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The daily care of dental implants is similar to the care of natural teeth. You need to brush and floss daily and attend regular cleaning sessions at your dental office. Please brush gently and give special attention to all sides of the implant to prevent infections and complications, such as gum disease. Studies have shown that with proper cleaning and maintenance, dental implants have a long-term success rate of 95%.

Why Is Implant Maintenance Important?

Implants can develop problems without consistent daily care. The earliest sign of problems begins with the observation of bleeding (mucositis). If caught early, this can be successfully treated and is reversible. However, if this profresses to bone loss (peri-implantitis), the bone loss will not be reversible. If peri-implantitis is not treated, it can result in advanced bone loss and the removal of the implant.

Caring For Your Implants at Home

Caring for your dental implants is the same as maintaining your natural teeth. Your implant-supported restoration must be kept clean and free from plaque buildup with brushing and flossing. We recommend using a soft manual or electric toothbrush and low-abrasive toothpaste.

You may need to change your flossing or brushing techniques to reach all surfaces of your restoration. We recommend wrapping the floss fully around the crown, like a lasso, which provides more effective results.

Other supplies that may be recommended by the dentist can include:

  • Antimicrobial mouth rinses.
  • Inter-dental brushes or other aids for removing plaque between the teeth on either side of the implant(s).
  • Disclosing tablets to stain the locations of plaque accumulation.

Dental Cleaning Visits

When you come in for your next dental visit, the dentist will:

  • Take an x-ray to examine the implants.
  • Measure the gums around the implants.
  • Check the bite.
  • Examine all components attached to the implant.
  • Assess the stability of your implant and look for looseness.

Your dentist can give you the recommendations to improve your home care routine, when needed. Our team has the training and tools to remove all instances of plaque and bacteria for a clean and healthy smile.

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