Dental Crowns in St. John's

Dental crowns are used as treatments for patients who have heavily damaged, discoloured, or misshaped teeth. A dental crown helps restore the shape, appearance, and function of the damaged tooth. Dental crowns may also preserve a broken tooth, or teeth that have had a root canal or large filling. A dental crown, also known as a ‘cap,’ is essentially an artificial tooth that is hallowed and is used to cover the damaged part of the tooth. Dental crowns assist with the restoration of the tooth and protect it from any further damage. A tooth that has been treated by a dental crown both looks and functions just like that of a natural tooth.

At Epic Dental, we offer several options for the material to be used for the dental crown including ceramic, metal ceramic and gold. If taken good care of, dental crowns can usually last up to 10 years. Always remember to brush and floss teeth with dental crowns just like you would with your natural teeth. Since dental crowns are not as strong as natural teeth, keep in mind never to use them to bite down on hard objects or to use them as tools to cut and open objects.

Post and Core Crown

At Epic Dental, we also offer posts and cores, which are a type of dental restoration used when there isn’t an adequate amount of healthy tooth tissue left to retain a conventional crown. A post is placed into the canal of the tooth after the root canal treatment. This helps restore the core, which then would be able to support a crown.

For more information about dental crowns, or post and cores, give us a call at 709 754 4895 or book an appointment with Dr. Chedella at Epic Dental in St. John's. Talk to Dr. Chedella about your concerns, he will surely help you find the right treatment option that fits your needs. We are also accepting new patients!

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