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If one or more teeth are missing, dental implants are a great alternative to replace them. Dental implants are used to replace missing tooth roots and to support the artificial tooth replacement. Dental implants look like natural teeth and are very comfortable. A dental implant is made from a titanium metal and inserted into the jawbone to replace the tooth’s natural root. Then, an artificial tooth is attached to the implanted titanium tooth root. The implant acts as the anchor that will securely hold the artificial tooth replacement in the intended position. At Epic Dental, we offer several dental implant services such as crown implants, bridge implants, and bone grafting.

What Is The Difference Between Natural Teeth and Dental Implants?

Natural teeth and dental implants have the same make-up. They both have a crown, which is the visible part used to chew food, and a root that is under the gum to secure it to the jaw. The difference is that dental implants are made of titanium - the same time-tested material used by surgeons for artificial joints.

Implants can help with bone density. If a natural tooth is severely decayed, it can prevent the jawbone from recovering until the tooth has been removed. Implants will last you a lifetime and is a healthy alternative to decaying and/or broken natural teeth. They will allow for you to live the way you want to - confidently smiling, eating, laughing, talking, and enjoying all your everyday activities without worrying about your teeth.

Crown Implant

Crown implants offer the closest replacement to a natural tooth. Crown implants allow patients to receive the natural function and esthetic that natural teeth provide. Unlike a denture, the implant is integrated with the bone and is a fixed restoration. However, it is important to note that there are generally three parts in a crown implant – the implant fixture, abutment and the crown.

Bridge Implant

When more than one tooth is missing in the same region, two or more implants could be used to restore the dentition in conjunction with a bridge. This is perfect for patients who don’t have any or enough natural teeth. The bridge implant can replace the teeth by using the implants as a support, just as in crowns abutments are used to connect the bridge to the implants.

How Does The Procedure Work?

To replace the tooth, the surgeon must first replace the root with a small dental implant. Time is allowed for bone to heal and grow around the dental implant. The bone bonds with the titanium, creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth. A support post (abutment) is then placed on the implant and a new replacement tooth (crown) is placed on top of the abutment. In many cases a temporary replacement tooth can be attached to the implant immediately after it is laced. If all of your teeth are missing, a variety of treatment options are available to support the replacement teeth.

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