Dentures in St. John's

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and surrounding tissue. They don’t only enhance the appearance of one’s teeth, but also maintain the structure of the mouth by supporting the structures around the cheeks and lips. Dentures are custom-designed to fit each patient’s mouth and are visually matched to one’s naturally existing teeth. More modern dentures are made of hard resin, while in the past they were made of porcelain or plastic. However, the material used for dentures is more fragile than natural teeth and get worn down over the years. Thus, patients with dentures will need a new set of dentures every five years. There are two types of dentures: partial and complete dentures. Partial dentures are used for patients who still have some natural teeth remaining in the mouth, while complete dentures are used for patients whose natural teeth are all missing.

At Epic Dental, we offer complete, partial, and immediate dentures. In addition, we also offer implant dentures, urgent dentures, and relines and repairs.

Complete Dentures in St. John's

Complete Dentures are an economical choice for replacing all of your natural missing teeth. Complete dentures can be custom-fitted by Dr. Chedella for either your top or bottom gum line. Complete dentures are held in place by suction or by an oral adhesive. However, they can still be easily removed. Dentures worn for the first time can be difficult. Patients will go through an adaptation phase which usually lasts a few weeks. During this phase, patients will need to relearn how to speak and chew. In addition, complete dentures require regular maintenance and care to serve over a long time. Keep in mind that periodic relines or repairs are needed as complete dentures are subjected to wear and tear during their use.

Partial Dentures in St. John's

When only a few teeth are missing, partial dentures could be the option to restore aesthetic and function. They are often used instead of other tooth-replacement methods for when the surrounding natural teeth are not strong enough to support dental structures such as bridges, or when several teeth are missing. They are available in both metal-free and metal-based options, depending on each patient’s needs. Partial dentures are also removable, like complete dentures, for cleaning purposes and during sleep. They do not fall out because they are fitted to the part of the gum line that they will sit on, and securely held by the natural teeth nearby.

Snap-On Dentures in St. John's

Snap-on dentures are held in place not just by the gums, but by either a few remaining teeth or by small metal posts that are implanted in the jawbone. Snap on dentures have several advantages:

  • For patients who have struggled with eating and speaking while wearing conventional dentures, implant-supported dentures are an alternative that is more stable and less likely to slip.
  • Inserting implants into the gums helps retain bone mass, while traditional dentures don’t.
  • These dentures may also be more effective at disguising lost gum tissue.

Immediate Dentures in St. John's

Immediate dentures are dentures that are placed in the mouth immediately following a tooth extraction surgery, mainly to restore the aesthetics but also to protect the tissue and ease the healing process, which can last up to 6 months. Immediate dentures are what help initiate an easy transition to permanent dentures. Immediate dentures can be easier to refit than permanent dentures to aid with changes in the mouth, such as gum swelling and subsides that happens during the healing process. These dentures will generally need to be replaced when the tissues have healed, as there will be shrinkage of the bony ridges due to the remodeling. Once the healing process is complete, immediate dentures are required to be disposed of quickly as the mouth would be ready for permanent dentures. The benefits of immediate dentures include:

  • Never having to appear in public without teeth.
  • When an immediate denture is inserted at the time of extraction, it will act as a Band-Aid to protect the tissues and reduce bleeding
  • An immediate denture will allow you to establish your speech patterns early and chew better
  • Minimizes facial distortion that occurs when teeth are removed

Transitional Dentures in St. John`s

Transitional dentures are temporary appliances that will ultimately be replaced and discarded. This treatment is for patients who are faced with the extraction of some or all of their teeth, but do not want to be “toothless” while they heal post-surgery. Like immediate dentures, transitional dentures are inserted immediately following extraction, but instead of being relined they will simply be replaced with conventional dentures.

Implant Dentures in St. John's

Implant dentures are a type of denture that is anchored by dental implants. Denture implants are used to keep dentures stable in the mouth when the supporting gums/ridge tissue volume is inadequate. Denture implants are permanent fixtures anchored to the jawbone and can be used to replace several missing teeth. Both complete and removable dentures can be retained more effectively when implants are used. Besides this advantage, the implants also help stimulate bone and prevent resorption more effectively. The denture implant consists of a metal post, usually made from titanium, and a custom-designed crown that appears very similar to a natural tooth. Denture implants should be cared for in the same way as traditional dentures. Denture implants are also more commonly done on the lower jaw; however, they can be done on the upper jaw as well.

Flexible Dentures in St. John's

Softer than traditional dentures, flexible partial dentures are made from a high-quality plastic material which neatly fits into your mouth and blend seamlessly into your gums and teeth. In addition, they do not require any metal clasps to keep them in place, allowing for increased comfort.

Urgent Dentures in St. John's

In some situations, you may need an urgent denture on an emergency basis due to social or professional reasons. During such circumstances, Dr. Chedella at Epic Dental can create these dentures on the same day or in two days to restore the aesthetics and function of your smile. Please contact Epic Dental in St. John's at 709 754 4895 to see if you are a candidate for this type of denture service. We are also accepting new patients!

Rebase Same-Day Dentures

If the base material of the denture becomes worn, you should visit your dentist to get your dentures rebased. During this procedure, the acrylic denture base will be replaced without replacing the denture teeth.

Relines and Repairs

The tissue in which the denture rests on can shrink over time, due to resorption. Tissue shrinkage may occur due to:

  • Weight loss
  • Teeth loss
  • Loss of bone/ tissue
  • Disease or illness

Hence, this may cause the dentures to not fit well in the mouth due to the lack of intimate adaptation. At Epic Dental, we offer relines and repairs to help patients when they face this issue. Relining consists of adding a new base to the tissue side of the denture, usually new pink polymer material, to ensure the denture will fit in snuggly. However, in order to complete the relining procedure, Dr. Chedella will need to take an intra-oral impression inside the patient’s currently fitted denture. The relining procedure only affects the fit of the denture and not the appearance or wear of the denture teeth. They will still give off that natural look and be strong enough to withhold all your chewing needs. It is also important to note that the older the denture gets, the looser it will become in your mouth. The bone ridges present in the jawbone naturally shrink over time, which then make dentures to become loosely fitted.

In addition, if the denture or its components breaks or fractures, it can be repaired in some situations to return to its functional form. At Epic Dental, we offer denture repairs so that you don’t have to get a new one made.

If your denture is getting loose, have missing teeth, or need repairs, make an appointment with us at Epic Dental so that we can evaluate your needs. We are also accepting new patients!

Denture Care and Maintenance

During your appointment, we can walk you through the proper care and maintenance of your dentures so that they last for a maximum amount of time.

Contact our dental office in St. John's to learn more about this procedure and if you have any concerns.

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