Esthetic Dentistry in St. John's

Esthetic and cosmetic dentistry are both terms used to describe the dental practices for enhancing the appearance of one’s teeth. They are often used interchangeably; however, many important differences exist between the two. Esthetic dentistry helps fix problems from a functional standpoint to make you look and feel better as well, while cosmetic dentistry solely focuses on the appearance. Esthetic dentistry focuses on the end goal. It utilizes techniques available by modern medicine to give patients natural and healthy-looking teeth that function properly so that you can achieve your dream smile and also talk and eat properly. Hence, esthetic dentistry is the more complete approach to making your teeth look good.

At Epic Dental Office in St. John’s, we offer teeth whitening and dental veneer as esthetic dental services. Take a look at our esthetic dental solutions, their benefits, and what to expect during each procedure.

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